Plastics And Rubber

Cross Chemical’s "Surface Scientists," a team of chemical engineers having expertise in surface dynamics and behavior, have developed our RELEASE-RITE ™ series of products.  Release-RiteŽ products are used in molding processes within the plastic and rubber industries.  Release-RiteŽ products excel by altering mechanical; chemical; and process surface-energies that exist between molds and molded parts.  By maximizing surface tension between molds and molded parts, Release-Rite™ products provide easy removal of quality molded parts.

Within our Release-Rite series of products are products specifically designed to meet a wide-spectrum of compositions of rubber from highly-filled systems having abrasive nature(s) to highly-cured systems that may use peroxide curing agents that are noted for their aggressiveness toward molding surfaces and release agents.  There are specific Release-Rite™ products that can be used on steel; aluminum; or chrome plated molds.

Cross Chemical’s full series of Release-Rite™ product offerings, for rubber applications, is listed below.  In addition to the listed products, Cross Chemical’s Surface Scientists can custom-formulate a product that’s “rite” for your process requirements.  Contact a Cross Chemical Surface Scientist for additional information or samples.     

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